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Hannah Edington Tekle is an author currently living in Fort Worth, Texas.  She uses fiction to illuminate life in developing nations and to show the multi-dimensional elements of foreign aid, charity, and economic empowerment in a way that both educates and entertains.  


Hannah has been a regular contributor for Conscious Magazine online as well as writing for The Good News Blog by Causebox, Rank&File Magazine, TCK Town, The Voices Project, Biltena, and others.  These journalistic opportunities allow her to share factual content relating to development and justice issues.


Working as a ghostwriter for the past three years, she has written more than one hundred novels, and over twenty books on business topics for CEOs, thought leaders, and branded finance personalities. She had also written a number of novellas and books on the topic of income generation and how-to guides.  Among these, she has had multiple books on the Amazon genre bestseller list as well as many number one new releases.


She is a member of The Authors Guild and Florida Writers Association.

Other Interests

Additionally, Hannah enjoys working to create jobs and promote family stability for vulnerable men and women in Ethiopia through ethical and sustainable fashion through the brand iDefend.  

She also loves to travel, having lived in four countries, starting school in Singapore and finishing it in Scotland, plus visiting a number of other countries in between.

Hannah is typically found reading and developed a passion from an early age.  Moving frequently helped her to fall in love with books and rely on them to be a constant companion.  Her current reading goal is 65 books per year ranging from books on economic development to herbs and natural health to theology to literary fiction.

Aside from these interests, her favorite thing is to spend time with her husband and son, especially outside in the garden.